Following the abolition of ISDN and DateXP (X25) in in the last years, the demand for a professional OFTP2 (Odette File Transfer Protocol 2.0) solution for the international exchange of data has aroused.

Our answer is: PRODETTE


With the experience of more than 20
years in the automotive industry and
more than 3000 customers worldwide
we have built an application which meets
all the requirements that are expected from
an OFTP2-software and yet also offers a
much higher scope of services than most
enterprise solutions on the market.

The PRODETTE communication system has
been developed especially for the data
exchange of EDI, JIT and CAD / CAM
data over the Internet. Starting with the
installation, PRODETTE surprises with an
all-new user-friendly interface and offers
sophisticated installation and user wizards,
which will gently lead the user through the
installation and configuration of the
transmission system. Although PRODETTE
arrives with a fully functional PDM- and versioning System powered by PROLEIS, the leading PDM-Software in the German tool- and mold-making industry. The designed user-interface makes it even possible for unexperienced users to send and receive data. It’s just as easy as sending an email.

Workflow Integration
• The management interface with support for FTP, SFTP, network drives, SMTP and more makes it possible to copy the received files quickly and easily to the desired destination
• Advanced possibilities for communication via email within the system and from out of the transmission system
• Delayed Transmission / Send on preferred date
• AUTOSEND: Automated OFTP file transmission by just copying files into a configured folder in the OS file system
• We realized that many users struggle to build up an Address Book concerning the abundance of new contacts when setting up a new OFTP-System. So we decided to build-in an automatic creation of ENGDAT-Contacts by just receiving a message from your contact. It can be just as easy as that!

Customize it your way OFTP Support
Apart from the great functionality of the application itself, PRODETTE provides a handful of interfaces to integrate PRODETTE into your existing process and Workflow just the way you need it.
• Build-in module for integration of your own coded pre- and post-processes. Starting up with a simple batch, to launching your own Application with the transferred parameters PRODETTE makes it possible to make data go the way you want it to
• More easy-to-use interfaces to access the transmission log or other meta-information from outside of the software

If you would like to, we offer you a maintenance contract with which we guarantee you to fix all your problems regarding your transmission system. Our team of professionals gained experience in various cross-system environments and tested and verified transmissions with Daimler, VW, MAN and a lot of more OEMs and so we are happy to share this knowledge with you to make your work with our software as comfortable and carefree as possible. We are developing updates to meet the requirements of our customers for a secure and stable transmission software.

Technical details
• Secure data exchange because the data transmission is encrypted (RFC 5024) with authenticated certificates over TCP / IP.
• Supports Transmission using TCP/IP , ISDN and DatexXP
• Transfers large files up to 1000 Terabyte
• Aborted transmissions are automatically restarted, continuing on the last transferred byte
• Clearly arranged master data administration
• Highly configurable authorization system also supporting LDAP
• Detailed History and Tracing
• Easy to handle Certificate Management
• Supports a wide range of characters (also Asian) through expanded filenames with Unicode characters
• Different versions for different purposes,
• It´s possible to use single-user computers, the network, or even on a central computer with automatic sending / receiving data